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Gianni Piña.

Berkeley/Oakland, CA

Gianni Piña is a Filipino/Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist whose passion for digital art and life has driven him to the output they create. Always striving to capture the moment by living in it, Gianni’s photography and video work has led to collaborations with multiple artists, groups, and communities throughout the Bay Area. Self-taught and ever-evolving, Gianni is always looking to grow and adapt with the occasion to bring to reality the ideas and perception of those around them. From documentary work with Oakland-based creative community, SmartBomb, to San Francisco Theatre Company, ShadowLight Productions, and Bay Area based Artists/Musicians such as Jada Imani, The Flannels, Spote Breeze, and Nimsins, Gianni has been a part of visual storytelling of Bay Area Artistry as it happens. 

To inquire about a future project, please email:

Photo Portfolio.            Video Reels.               Instagram.                 LinkedIn.

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